Sponsors & volunteer helpers pose for press photographer

 Sponsors, volunteer helpers and other supporters pose in front of new van for press photograph

Kim in the van named for her Mum 

Kim in the van named 'Babs' in memory of her Mum, who was a long term volunteer helper at the Store 

 Bev and representative of Sentinel, one of our sponsors

 Bev with representative of Sentinel Housing, one or

 our van sponsors

Bev and sponsor  

New Van  

The new van

 Press article about van reception

 Press article reporting on the van reception

Some images of items in Store and of our activities

Chair Store Bedding Store

Clothing Store

Bed & Furniture StoreKitchen Goods Store

Sofa Store 

Loading the VansIn the Snow

Arrival of Our New Vans in 2007

Presentation of New Van Small Van

 Bev and Van