This Privacy Notice is written for the purposes of compliance with the EU General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679 from 25 May 2018.


Our Details:

1)   The Lions Community Store, Fleet is an autonomous project of local Lions Clubs.  It is a registered charity operating under the Lions Club of Fleet CIO registration 1177181.  We are a not-for-profit service organisation that operates in the Hart District Council and nearby areas.  We collect redundant household essential items donated by local residents and recycle them to families in our area who are referred to us as in need by their care or support workers.

2)    The Lions Community Store is the data controller of any personal information you provide to us. We can be contacted via our website ( or by email (


General Inquiries:

3)    If you contact us for information about what we do or about working with us or any other general inquiry, we will record any personal information (such as your name, telephone numbers, email address and postal address) that you give to us.

4)    We will keep the information and use it exclusively for the purpose of communicating with you in relation to your inquiry.  If you do decide to join our team we will keep in our directory such of you information as is needed to enable us to contact you.  When you inquiry is resolved, or if you do not join us we will delete all your information unless you specifically ask us to keep it for future communications.


Requests for Help

5)    If you contact us with a request for household items, we will record your name, address, telephone number, the name and telephone number of the support person who referred you, ask who you are a tenant of, and the number of children you have (if relevant).  We will use this information exclusively for the purposes of dealing with your request and for our records.

6)    We will keep the above information until the request has been dealt with, and will retain it for our electronic records of deliveries for 12 months.

7)     If your social worker or other support worker submits the request on your behalf and provides your personal details, we will confirm with them that they have your consent to pass your information to us and for us to contact you to progress the request.  If sensitive personal information is included, for example concerning your health, it will be encoded to prevent identification and will be removed as soon as possible.


Offers of Donations:

8)    If you contact us to donate household effects, we will record your name, postal address, telephone number and email address that you give to us.

9)    We will keep the information and use it exclusively to process your offer, including giving it to our van crew, and we will delete it as soon as possible after the collection has been made and checked.



10)  Our premises are quite isolated and have in the past suffered from break-ins and vandalism.  To deter such activity, and to help provide security for our staff on dark evenings, we operate a CCTV system within the premises and parts of the buildings.  Images are being recorded at all times.

11)  Coverage of areas beyond our premises is very limited.

12)  Images are not normally accessed or processed by us and are only viewed in the event of an incident.

13)  Recordings are made on a loop and are overwritten within a short period.

14)  The system is located in our main office, which is occupied during working hours and locked at other times.  It is in a secure cabinet, so recordings cannot be accessed by unauthorised persons.

15)  We will not make the images available to any third party other than possibly the Police in case of an incident.


Further Details of How We Handle Your Data:

16)  We will delete all emails and paperwork containing personal information that we need to keep as soon they have been processed into our electronic records.

17)  We keep all information securely and will never pass it to any third party without your further consent or as stated in point 15.

18)  We do not keep any information longer than is necessary.  Personal data in delivery records will be made anonymous after 12 months to prevent any possible identification.


Your Rights

19)   You may ask us to provide you with details of any information (including images) we have about you.

20)  You may ask us to update any of the information we have about you or to remove some or all of it completely from our records.

21)   You may ask us to limit the use of any of the information we have about you, or ompletely withdraw consent to for us to use it.

21)  Any requests under points 19 – 21 can be made via our web site or at by email to the addresses given in point 2 above. We will respond withing 30 days.

22)  You can register a complaint about any improper use you believe we have made of the information we have about you by contacting the Information Commissioner’s Office on 0303 123 1113 or visiting their website  ( for advice.


Legal Basis of Processing Data:

23)  If you contact us to offer a donation of goods, or with a request for goods, we will process your information on the basis of the legitimate interests of the Lions Community Store in order to deal with your offer or request.

24)  In all other cases, we will process your information on the basis of the specific consent you give, or will be asked to give, when you contact us.

25)   Please note the consent tick boxes on the Contact-Us form on our web site.


NOTE: The Lions Club of Fleet’s Data Privacy Notice can be seen on their web site (