COVID-19 Update

We are working strictly to our Covid Risk Assessment and taking all practical steps to protect our volunteers and our clients - both donors and recipients.  Our crew members will wear masks and gloves, and they carry in the van hand sanitiser and disinfectant spray with which to keep the van interior free of infection.  They will maintain correct social distancing.

Our crew will not enter homes unless absolutely essential, and we ask donors to move their donations outside for collection wherever possible; if you are a recipient, we will leave your goods outside your home unless it is absolutely impossible for you to take it in.  We will of course take the goods in or out for those who are unable to do so but will not enter your home if anyone there has, or appears to have, Covid like symptoms.  Our driver's opinion will be final on this.

We are monitoring the situation very carefully, and as soon as it is possible to invite our volunteers to return and resume normal service whilst keeping themselves and our customers safe, we will of course do so.  Please keep an eye on this website for future announcements.

Our premises in Basingbourne Woods are closed most of the time, so please do not visit unless by prior arrangement.  If you wish to offer a donation or to request help, please use the contact-us form on this website or email us.

01252 616998
(Our telephone is always busy so please be patient and try again)
Store opening hours:
Tue, Wed & Thurs:
10:00am - 12:00pm

Collecting furniture and domestic items to help those in need

OUR MISSION is to recycle redundant household goods, appliances, clothing etc to benefit genuinely needy people in the area we serve and thereby reduce unnecessary waste to the advantage of the environment. At the same time we provide valuable work experience and skills development for many or our volunteer helpers.

Each month we receive hundreds of requests for the household items, bedding and clothing that are generously donated to us by members of our community.

We regret that we are only able to help people who are referred to us by their social worker, tenant support officer, or other caring agency as being in need.

We are supported by local Lions Clubs under the administration of Lions Club of Fleet (CIO), a charitable incorporated organisation, registered in England & Wales No. 1177181.

Lions community store vanReliable transport is essential to the operation of the Store, and thanks to the generosity of our supporters, we have two excellent Renault Master vans, one donated to us by Rocket UK, the other purchased with funds provided by the many local sponsors whose logos appear on the vehicles and with whose help we are able to run and maintain both vans.  Since they were unveiled on 12 February 2008 the vans have been in service 4 days a week and are familiar sights on the streets of Fleet and the other communities   we serve. 

We have no regular funding, and are entirely dependant on donations from local people and organisations, so to continue this  vital project we constantly need to raise funds.  All donations and help with fundraising will be much appreciated.

The Store is operated entirely by volunteers from our local community.  New volunteers helpers are always welcomed with open arms.

The majority of the people we help are in Hart and Rushmoor, with others in Farnham, Yateley, Hook, Odiham and other adjoining areas. 

For details of exactly what we do please see the 'About Us' page.

We urgently need more furniture, bedding and clothes and especially "white goods" (washing machines, fridges, fridge/freezers, electric cookers) and small electrical goods (toasters, kettles, microwaves). If you have any suitable items we will collect them at a time to suit you. Naturally there are some things we are unable to accept, due to legal, storage, handling or insurance requirements. Please see details in the "Items We Can Accept" menu tab above.

If you do have something to donate please contact us to discuss - under pandemic conditions we ask that you only contact us by email, but when we return to "normal" our office will be open and you will be able to telephone us.  Usually our telephone is often engaged, but please do keep trying - you will get through eventually. Alternatively please use the email contact form below.

We always welcome new volunteer helpers

Visitors and Opening hours

The Store is open Tue, Wed, Thu 10:00am - 12:00pm and is located off Basingbourne Road in Fleet.  We are signposted off Basingbourne Road, past the small car park and along the lane at the end.  We are after the Scout and Guides buildings.

For directions, see map under the About Us tab, but please only visit us by prior arrangement.

For safety reasons, we have to discourage casual visits to our busy site.  If you have something to donate please first contact us by telephone or using the Contact Us tab above to make an arrangements.  Our telephone is always busy so please be patient and try again.

If you need our help you must first get your case worker to contact us to make arrangements.  We are unable to accept requests from casual visitors to our premises or allow collections that are not prearranged.

Visitors to our premises should please note that we have CCTV and recording in 24 hour operation around our site and inside the buidlings.

Supported by local Lions Clubs